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Water, Water....Everywhere!!!

W A T E R .... why your body needs it.

💦Today I’m talking about hydration and giving an overview of why it’s so important.

👉🏻One of the most overlooked facets of WEIGHT MANAGEMENT and SCULPTING the entire body is proper hydration and the use of water to achieve overall WELLNESS.


Below are some 🔑 reasons you should be drinking more water (minimum 2 litres/8 250ml glasses) each day: 👇🏻

✅Aside from hydrating the body keeping it running smoothly, water aides in detoxification flushing out toxins and cleansing the liver.


✅Drinking water throughout the day can curb cravings, and consuming a glass of water prior to a meal can help you feel satisfied and keep you from taking in excess calories.


✅Water helps improve and maintain the skin's elasticity which is important not only for keeping a youthful appearance but for tightening the skin as you lose weight.


✅For those of you who partake in weight training or maintain an active lifestyle, water is crucial for muscle recovery.


✅Consuming water can boost the metabolism helping to burn fat - especially colder water as the body must work harder to bring it to body temperature before absorbing it.


💥 If plain water isn’t for you there are options! I particularly like fizzy water, I also like lemon and lime added to my water or sometimes use soda water with a dash of lime cordial and a wedge of fresh lime. Find what works for YOU. 💥

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