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S L E E P ….. Get your ZZZZs!

Why it’s so important …..

👉🏻Sleep is your number one performance enhancer.


It affects your MOOD, your MOVEMENT, your MEMORY and MUSCLE REPAIR. Ensuring you have good quality sleep is essential to feel better on all levels and perform at your best.

Somewhere in the region of 7-9 hours is enough for most people (although lots can “survive” (not thrive)on a lot less).

Prioritise a good nights sleep to see the rewards in your training!

Here are 5️⃣ ways to supercharge your sleep :

1️⃣Set a bed time and stick to it

2️⃣Keep your bedroom dark and slightly cool

3️⃣Write a list of things that are on your mind before bed

4️⃣Use reading/a warm bath or essential oils to help you wind down before sleeping

5️⃣Set a getting up time and stick to it (this can be hard at the weekends but your body really works best with consistency and regularity)

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