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Basics for Mental Wellbeing

The start of a new year can feel overwhelming with Christmas over and everyone on a health kick as well as being back to work....... not to mention cold, dark mornings and evenings, so here are some mental health practices to maintain your wellbeing this January.....

1️⃣Learn To “Feel” Your Feelings

Feelings are our emotions telling us what we need. Listen to them!

2️⃣Saying “no” When You’re At Capacity

Healthy boundaries prevent stress, burnout and mental fatigue.

3️⃣Doing Things That Bring You Joy

These are things which make you feel alive and rejuvenated - fun or restful, they make you feel good.

4️⃣Move Your Body

Walking, running, cycling, dancing, swimming, weight training: the list goes on. Do something. Keep the habit.

5️⃣Don’t Lose Sight of the Basics

Sleep. Hydration (wine doesn’t count). Nutrition.

6️⃣Understanding Your Values and Needs

Communicate them clearly. Be true to yourself and what you stand for.

Sarah x

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