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““Perfect” Isn’t Real and “Real” Isn’t Perfect”

🧡Let’s talk P E R F E C T I O N I S M

“Perfectionism rarely begets perfection, or satisfaction — only disappointment”

As I sit here nursing a broken toe I was feeling somewhat subdued about my inability to exercise…..

Well after a few days of painkillers, wearing the boot of shame, moping around and generally throwing my toys out of the pram (I admit I have been hard to live with - think GODZILLA) I decided to have a word with myself and get a bit more mobile.

Rather than thinking “i can’t do anything” I’ve made a list of the stuff I can still do (complete with gammy toe).

Whilst this isn’t PERFECT, it’s better than nothing and it’s certainly a bonus for my MENTAL HEALTH.

Yes it means I’ll have to postpone beginning my February training plan (or at the very least modify the plan) I need to remember I’ve had a fabulously strong January and am lifting heavier than ever and feeling really strong.

➡️Aim to be perfect, and you'll never be good enough. ⬅️ You'll be overwhelmed by self-doubt. You'll be likely to give up and not even try.

Don't aim for perfection. Aim to give your best, knowing that your imperfect efforts will one day add up to something meaningful. After all - Perfect is the enemy of good!

Sarah xx

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