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8 things that happen when you stop exercising....

1. Cardiovascular Fitness Starts to Tank After One Week

After three to four weeks of bed rest, your resting heart rate increases by four to 15 beats per minute

2. You Lose Cardiovascular Fitness More Slowly If You’re a Seasoned Exerciser

(All the more reason to make it a habit!)

3. Flexibility Loss Occurs Quickly

(As little as 3 days!)

4. Strength Starts to Diminish After Two Weeks

When not receiving its regular challenge, muscle will start to lose protein, which is absorbed into your circulation and excreted via urination. Noticeable changes when attempting to lift your usual amount of weight show up in two to three weeks.

5. You Lose Power Faster Than You Lose Strength

(e.g. how quickly you can lift a weight or sprint to get the bus)

6. Fitness Levels Decline Faster When You’re Sick

Someone who’s healthy and takes a break from exercise loses muscle mass and cardiovascular fitness more slowly than a person who stops exercising due to an illness or injury. The latter will lose fitness levels twice as fast. The stress of an illness or injury takes a greater toll on the body than simply taking a break when you’re healthy.

7. Maintenance Is Easier Than You Think

If you’re planning to take time off from your workout routine, keep in mind that staying in shape isn’t an all-or-nothing proposition. In fact, you can maintain your fitness levels in a surprisingly small amount of time, 20-30 minutes of activity that gets you out of breath is sufficient.

8. Aging Affects Fitness Loss

You lose strength and overall fitness twice as quickly as you age, little and often is the best strategy to avoid burning out from over training particularly as you age.

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