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Drop The Fear Of Looking Stupid

I don't need to tell you that exercise is absolutely crucial to getting and staying healthy. However, I can't tell you how many people say that they aren't working out because they are afraid they'll look stupid.

Time and again, when I meet people (particularly my female clients) they come to me and say they would never do some of the things we do during our sessions because they are scared of doing it wrong at the gym. They fear trying something new, for fear of failure. These are fears you NEED to get over. Your attitude creates your reality, so it's crucial to have the right one.

The power is in your mind, so if you have negative thoughts about your self-image, if you lack confidence, or if you feel hopeless that you'll ever lose weight, you're still at square one. If you constantly tell yourself you're not capable of working out, then you're always going to feel stupid…and eventually you'll give up. But if you harness your mental power with positive thoughts that you CAN do this, and WILL do this, guess what — you will.

If working out is new to you, empower yourself with knowledge —learn proper exercise techniques and form. If you've set your mind to it and get the skills, you'll feel more comfortable. Start off by trying the workouts from my instagram: @srsfitnesspt at home. Doing it at home first is the most basic way of getting the moves down before you try them in a public setting.

Now, if you're terrified of going to the gym, do it anyway. I understand that a gym can be a bit overwhelming the first time you go – yes, I’ve been there. But trust me, everyone has a first time stepping through those doors. Everybody has felt weird about lifting weights in front of the muscle men, running on the treadmill for the first time, or even signing up for a class. If you're worried about what you look like to other people there, forget it. In all likelihood, people are so focused on what they're doing, they're not paying ANY attention to you.

If you're still worried about it, go at a time when the gym is likely to be less crowded or meet for a session with a trainer (many gyms offer free introductory training sessions). The important thing is to know that your feeling of intimidation will fade.

As you keep working out, you will notice your strength — not just in the gym, but in other aspects of your life. Trust me, this will be a major boost to your confidence level and it will change your frame of mind for the better. They're all baby steps, but they make a big difference over time. Keep working out, stop feeling stupid, and start feeling great!


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