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6 Habits That Lead to Fat Gain and 6 Solutions

We all fall into bad habits from time to time and despite out best efforts, sometimes even the most disciplined individuals could use a boost to their daily behaviours.

You may be able to identify with one, two or more of these habits below. If so, read on for some solutions to these common problems.

Whether it's an important event (wedding/holiday etc.) or you just want to regain some control and feel better about yourself, these tips below should prove useful.

Here are 6 common habits which lead to fat gain and how YOU can avoid them

Bad Habit #1 - Constantly Snacking (It Adds Up!)

💥 THE SOLUTION: plan and prep some healthy snacks that will actually fill you up and don’t eat straight from the pack. Shop for pre-prepped fruit, veggies and portion sized packets of nuts to keep your snacking in check. Log what you eat and aim to keep your snacks between 100-200kcals.

Bad Habit #2 - Drinking Too Many Empty Calories (Coffees, Alcohol)

💥 THE SOLUTION: Go for an americano or lower kcal coffee. Choose your alcohol wisely; G&T, spritzer etc and practice moderation!

"Diet and lifestyle factors contribute to the development of obesity and being overweight. Some of the most common ones are drinking too much alcohol – alcohol contains a lot of calories and drinking too many sugary drinks "


Bad Habit #3 - Not Moving Around Enough (Sedentary Job/Lifestyle)

💥 THE SOLUTION: Set a reminder to step away from your desk for 5-10 minutes every single hour. Not only will your body be thankful for a good stretch, your mind will be more focused, too.

Bad Habit #4 - Not Eating Enough Nutritious Food

💥 THE SOLUTION: Shop with a plan. Aim to try something new every week and ensure your plate is as colourful as possible at mealtimes.

Bad Habit #5 - Constantly Eating Processed Food

💥 THE SOLUTION: Change your shopping habits. There are loads of ready prepped fruit and veg and other wholesome foods which make choosing a healthy and convenient option much easier now.

Bad Habit #6 - Making "Fast Food" a Habit

💥 THE SOLUTION: Commit to changing your ways and limit yourself to, say, one takeaway per week and then one every other week etc. until it’s a rarity rather than the norm!

If you need help, accountability or support with your eating and lifestyle habits please drop me a message and I'll be happy to chat with you.

I'd also love to hear from you if you have other strategies which you find have personally worked for you.

Sarah x

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