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Things to Know About Exercise and Depression

Suffer from depression and/or anxiety?

Me too!

Ever heard the phrase “snap out of it” or “what have you got to be depressed about?”

Me too.


We don’t want to feel like this! If we could “snap out of it” we would!

For me, exercise is a great tool in managing my feelings of depression (alongside medication) but there can be a number of challenges facing those with depression EVERY SINGLE DAY when it comes to staying healthy…..

▶️Lack of motivation or energy: Depression can cause a lack of motivation or energy, which can make it difficult to exercise or stick to a healthy diet.

▶️Difficulty concentrating: Depression can also cause difficulty concentrating, which can make it hard to plan or prepare meals or remember to exercise.

▶️ Negative body image: People with depression may have a negative body image and may feel self-conscious about exercising or eating in public.

▶️ Difficulty with self-control: Depression can also affect self-control, which can make it hard to resist unhealthy foods or to stick to a healthy diet and exercise plan.

▶️ Feelings of hopelessness: People with depression may feel hopeless about their ability to lose weight or make other healthy lifestyle changes.

▶️ Stress or anxiety: Depression can be accompanied by stress or anxiety, which can make it difficult to relax and engage in self-care activities like exercise or healthy eating.

If this sounds like you, remember, it's important to address these challenges and work with a trainer, healthcare provider or mental health professional who understands this and can help find ways to overcome them so you can get the best results from a consistent training plan you can stick to.

Sarah x

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