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SMART Goal Setting

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

For anyone taking part in regular physical activity, GOAL SETTING must be a priority!

Whether you are hoping to lose weight, build muscle, improve fitness for an event or improve general health and wellbeing it is essential you create a goal with the following “SMART” Principles in mind;

Specific “I want to lose two stone”

Measureable “How can this be measured? Clothing size, weighing scales?”

Achievable “Is this realistically possible for me?”

Relevant “for my wedding, for my holiday – it’s is relevant to me”

Time framed “Within 6 months or by “X” date

Keep the original goal in mind, track progress regularly and reassess the goal as necessary.

It is also helpful to split longer term goals down into medium term (up to 3 months) and short term (1-4 weeks) goals.

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