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20 Minute Workout

20 MINUTE WORKOUT (NO EQUIPMENT, NO PROBLEM!) It’s Friday which means it’s time to finish your week with positivity, energy and focus. YOU’VE GOT THIS! “Life is a gift, don’t waste it”. 💥 Finish your week with this fat burning body weight workout that will work top to toe, improve strength, coordination and balance and leave you with a lovely, healthy glow! 💥


1️⃣Lateral Lunge

2️⃣Walking lunge

3️⃣Lunge squat combo

4️⃣Cross toe touchers

5️⃣Double squat

6️⃣Rev lunge knee drive

7️⃣Runners lunge

8️⃣Side lunge knee to elbow

9️⃣Pike to m/climbers

🔟Plank head tap

⏰ 30s ea. X4 rounds 💦

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