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Step Away From the Scales!

The scales are meaningless (more often than not).

Unless you come to me with a significant amount of body fat to lose I generally won’t encourage you to use the scales as a measure of progress.

There are many things the scale can’t take into consideration, in no particular order:

👉🏻What you’ve eaten

👉🏻When you’ve eaten

👉🏻Your hydration levels

👉🏻Whether you’ve been for a poo(!)

👉🏻Muscle mass

Case Study:

You come to me wanting to “lose weight”.

Really this means you want to drop body fat.

You may well have been exercising diligently, sticking to your nutrition goals and generally ticking all the boxes but your weight may have hardly changed.

You look different.

You feel stronger.

You’re fitter.

Everyone says you’re looking amazing.

Your confidence is soaring and you’re able to fit in clothes you had earmarked for charity.


That scale is not budging.


You’re disappointed but can’t even explain why because you LOOK and FEEL better.

I’m here to tell you to DITCH the SCALES.

Live a life free from the weekly fear of stepping on the scales.

Train hard.

Eat well to nourish your body and support your workouts.

Sleep well.

Trust the process.

Continue to refine your goals so you’re constantly challenging yourself and have something non weight related to work towards.

Take progress pictures.


Step back from the scales!!

I never weigh myself.


Because I prefer to listen and see how my body feels and responds to training/sleep/nutrition/hydration.

I set myself challenging and varied goals, strive for PBs in my chosen sports and continue to focus on improving my strength and fitness whilst nurturing my mental health and general wellbeing. Part of that is not getting on the scales.

Next time you’re tempted to step on the scales to check “progress” do yourself a favour take a step back and rethink what you really want from your training programme.

Feel free to drop a comment below 👇🏻 with some ways you find useful for measuring your progress along with some of your own goals.

Sarah x

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