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What My Clients Say.....

"Sarah is brilliant, so professional and knowledgeable.  Every workout is carefully planned and Sarah knows just how far to push me in order to challenge me.  I have never done strength training before and at age 56 wanted to get fitter and stronger.  In just 7 sessions I've already learnt so much, I feel stronger, happier and my confidence is increasing and I've lost nearly a stone following Sarah's nutrition advice.  I really enjoy every session as Sarah is so lovely.  She's encouraging and firm but also very kind and I'm so glad I found her!"

Sam (September 2023)

"I train two-three times per week with Sarah via video. 


Before I started working with Sarah I was never able to be consistent with exercise and I would stop and start.  Even if I did manage to start something I would not get the results I really needed and not be able to push through when my workouts became tough.  As soon as it would start to hurt, I would stop.  As a result, my body was feeling very weak.  I also had significant core and pelvic weakness and would have to be extremely careful with any type of lifting (including looking after my elderly mum who I could not lift or really look after properly).


A big driver for embarking on sessions with Sarah was wanting to regain my core strength in order to be able to care for my mum properly and I also wanted to feel good as I get older as well as getting my energy back and feeling better in myself.


In the past two years since I started working with Sarah, I have come to absolutely love my sessions.  I can see how my strength and stamina has improved and how much my body has changed shape.  I no longer weigh myself or even worry about that because I feel strong.  Additionally, I can completely look after my mum which has been a huge blessing and this has contributed to making me feel younger even though I’m getting older!


When I look in the mirror I no longer feel lacking in confidence, I smile because I can see the difference my hard work during our sessions has made.  I can also wear my wedding ring which fits back on my finger after years!


My training sessions with Sarah have motivated not just me, but the whole family to change their eating habits and lifestyle; they all have a gym membership and we have all become so much more active as a result of Sarah’s positive influence.


I love the variety of my sessions with Sarah and the fact that I never know what’s coming from one day to the next.  I also really appreciate the fact they are carefully planned to ensure they are progressively harder so nothing ever gets too easy!  They are all delivered with plenty of encouragement with Sarah knowing exactly how far to push me and at the same time keeping a close eye on my form to ensure maximum results.


I would really recommend Sarah if you’re looking for a trainer who really listens to what you want and cares about your wellbeing".

Amina - Life Coach (August 2023)

"With our daughter's wedding looming it seemed the ideal opportunity to get ourselves back on track with our weight, fitness and diet. The thought of using a gym didn't fill us with much enthusiasm nor did it deal it with the nutritional side of things. A search on the internet revealed that there were a few PT's in the local area but Sarah's website jumped out at us as it was informative and offered a range of services without being fanatical or pushy; we felt like she was someone we could approach and as soon as we had made contact we knew we had chosen the right person. We have been training now for a year and seen our fitness levels improve and body shape change immensely. Sarah has really got to know and understand us very quickly and recognise what challenges are best for us, knowing how much to push us, always considering our input but actually knows better than us what we are capable of. She constantly advises with nutrition and her supporting posts for both diet and exercise on Facebook and Instagram are really helpful - she evens goes the extra mile by creating 'at home/holiday' workouts. We truly feel that our improved fitness, well being and mental clarity have made a big difference to us and we can't thank her enough for her continued positive attitude, support, expertise and professionalism."

Mark & Gail Smith (April 2023)

" I can’t recommend Sarah enough. I started training with Sarah in June 2021 and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. My mental and physical health is the best it’s ever been and my mindset towards food and exercise has completely changed. Over Christmas I would usefully completely overindulge but working with Sarah has made me change the way I see food without restricting myself. I am doing exercises I never dreamed I could do - I love weight training. Sarah’s positive attitude has shown me what I’m capable of and I can’t thank her enough. She’s stuck with me now! I’m never going back to my old me!"

Amy - Police Officer (January 2022)

"Sarah has been phenomenal in helping me regain my strength and confidence after having three children. She is a brilliant motivator and listened to my needs and tailored my programme accordingly. She keeps it exciting by introducing new things yet revisits some exercises to highlight how far I’ve come. In just a few months I can really see and feel the difference. Thank you!"

Caroline - Lawyer & Mum of 3 (December 2020)


"Sarah is fantastic. I would highly recommend her. Very knowledgeable not only around fitness, but nutrition also. Each session is different and she helps push you towards your fitness goals. I have learnt so much from her. Thanks Sarah!"

Aoife - HR Executive (December 2020)


"I have an hour with Sarah each week and have noticed a change in both fitness levels and body shape.  Each session is well thought out, challenging and varied and Sarah makes it clear why we do the planned exercises so I understand the strategy.  I enjoy each session as I know I'll benefit from it and also because of Sarah's very enjoyable company!"

Laurie - Research Scientist (January 2020)

"Sarah pushes you as hard as you can manage, and then again.  Each session is carefully planned , and varies each week to keep you interested.  She takes account of any injuries and adapts the session on the fly where necessary so you never feel short-changed.  She makes the sessions go very quickly as she is really personable and great company.  Couldn't ask for more or better!"

John - Company Chairman, & Sue - Accountant (January 2020)


"Sarah knows exactly what you can achieve, even if you don’t! Each session is expertly planned and she mixes it up so there’s no chance of getting bored. I’ve learned so much from her about how to exercise well and the Instagram videos are so helpful in between sessions and when you’re on holiday. Best of all, she gets results including my best ever half marathon performance. Highly recommended!"

Niamh - Finance Director (January 2020)

"Sarah keeps pushing me to achieve my goals, always makes sure I put maximum effort into sessions and tries her best to make sure I keep up the good work at home. Sarah is friendly and welcoming and hard when necessary (this is what you're paying for after all). Looking forward to more hard work in 2020"

Tom - I.T Consultant (January 2020)

" I have been training with Sarah for a year and a half now and I can't recommend her highly enough. Sarah took the time to call me after my initial enquiry on her website and we discussed my reasons for wanting a PT and my goals. Sarah takes the time to understand your goals and looks at not just training but nutritional needs and post training stretches/ exercises to do to help towards your targets as well as staying injury free. All sessions are challenging, you'll hurt the next day or two in a good way but most of all tailored for you and fun. Her training room is modern, well equipped and Sarah keeps it all up to date and clean. I always look forward to seeing her and getting the next step to my targets done with a super PT."

Huw - Head of CQA - Corporate & Commercial Risk (January 2020)

"I have been training with Sarah for over 4 years. From the beginning Sarah has listened to my needs and goals as well as helped me refine and set new ones and challenge myself.  She has allowed me to better understand fitness and training and learn more about how I can push myself daily.  All sessions are tough but satisfying with a few aches the next day! Sarah is ready to push me when I need a bit of encouragement but also showering with praise when I do well, always with a friendly smile. I thoroughly enjoy my time with Sarah and I look forward to reaching my goals in 2020 with her guidance"

Arman - Company Director (January 2020)


"Having recently started PT sessions with Sarah to help push me towards my fitness goals for both the immediate and long term targets I have been extremely impressed and very happy with the service provided. Sarah is super friendly, very knowledgeable and tailors the workouts to specific needs (mine being running based training). Her home gym is very well presented with a very good selection of equipment. The workouts so far have been challenging and exactly what I have been looking for to help push me towards my goals. Sarah has even provided a workout schedule for me to follow whilst on my holiday. I have been so impressed that I’ve signed up for regular sessions using a very well priced block booking package. I’m looking forward to the sessions ahead knowing Sarah will help me achieve my goals.  The highest of recommendations possible."

Daniel - Company Director (August 2019)

"I’ve just recently started training with Sarah and this is the most motivated I have ever been in terms of fitness. She is incredible and super fun as well as so easy to get along with and I feel like I’m able to communicate honestly about what I enjoy and don’t enjoy doing. Sarah tailors each session to me and my needs and makes sure I’m working towards achieving my end goal. I train at her home gym which is fully equipped and a great environment to train in. I can’t recommend her enough!"

Melissa - HR Administrator (August 2019)


"After training with Sarah for a few weeks I'm already feeling more energetic and stronger! Her training sessions are challenging and interesting but fun! She will bring the best out of you and you will feel more confident and happy! Sarah genuinely cares for you during sessions and after as well giving you workouts which you can do at home. She will work hard with you to achieve your goals and will not let you down! I highly recommend training with Sarah as you will become a new person who could achieve more in life! Thank you Sarah! You are the best!"

Szilvia - Assistant Case Manager (August 2019)

Sarah is fantastic!! I would highly recommend her. Professional, knowledgeable and works you to your limit."

Elaine - Practice Nurse (February 2019)

"Sarah is absolutely fantastic! I had considered getting a PT for some time but was apprehensive, but have loved working with Sarah. The sessions are varied and fun and Sarah encourages me throughout to get the best out of me. I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone looking to work with a PT - you will not regret  it!"

Fiona - Associate Director (June 2018)

"Been training with Sarah for over a year and she is incredible at what she does! The sessions are fun and achievable as they are tailored to you personally. Sarah also gave me nutritional advice which has helped massively, too! My view on exercise and eating healthy has completely changed as I now have a better understanding and realise that you don’t have to spend every day in the gym for it to make a difference. I go to Sarah’s house and the home gym is fully equipped and lovely! Would highly recommend, so thank you Sarah!"

Charlotte - Beauty Therapist (May 2018)

"Sarah is a fabulous trainer. I have enjoyed every session. From the outset, she listened attentively to my requirements, and has tailored everything to me. Full of praise, encouragement and general cheer. I drive 30 mins each way to train with her. That in itself speaks volumes."

Roz - Project & Business Manager (May 2018)

"Sarah is a fantastic personal trainer. Full of drive and passion to help you achieve your goals."

Nick - IT Consultant (February 2018)

"A few weeks ago I was a bride to be with low self esteem and a dress that I wasn't confident wearing. I contacted Sarah for help and I cannot express how glad I am that I did! 4wks on and I fit my dress perfectly and will walk down the aisle with my head held high! Just having one session a week was enough to kickstart a change in me that has continued. I have stopped burying my head in the sand and I now make better choices for food and exercise. Sarah's methods got the best results because she didn't shout, degrade, judge or punish. Instead she gave me unbelievable encouragement, constant advice (even out of our sessions) and continuous reminders of the goal I wanted to achieve. Her motivation is infectious and I cannot thank her enough. I had my final dress fitting this week and I grinned at my reflection. Sure, I'm 38 and I'm not a size 6, but I am a better/healthier version of me than I was 4wks ago and I am confident that I will be my own kind of beautiful on the day. I now have more energy for my children and it's had a positive impact on us as a family. Thank you Sarah!"

Bryony - Mum of two (August 2017)


"Sarah is an absolutely amazing trainer, kind, considerate, patient, knowledgeable and effective! She trained me for just over a year, before, during and after pregnancy. I can't recommend her enough."

Anna - UK MD (Marketing) & Mum of two (May 2017)

"I have just started my journey with Sarah and all I can say is I felt so motivated by her to get to my goal. Sarah listened to what I wanted and set me targets and helpful hints on my nutrition. I look forward to having my weekly sessions".

Anzia - Business & Administration Manager (January 2017)

"My boyfriend and I have recently started personal training with Sarah and so far we are impressed. We have had 4 sessions and each one has been very different - mostly circuits using different equipment or just our own body weight - for me this is great because I really enjoy the variety and it's nice not knowing what is in store each week. She has given us exercises to do between sessions and for when I'm travelling away with work so we don't lose momentum. She has also provided nutritional advice and feedback on our food diaries which is really useful. Although it's early days and it will take a bit longer before we start to see noticeable results, we are both feeling enthusiastic and are enjoying the sessions (of course they are hard work, but do leave us feeling good afterwards). The main thing for us is keeping the motivation going and so far Sarah's methods are working for us - if you are struggling with motivation or inspiration then we would definitely recommend her!"

Hannah - Business Analyst & Project Manager (May 2016)

"So I have just started my journey with Sarah and i have to say she is brilliant. Sarah is so knowledgeable about health nutrition and fitness. She has guided me how to eat well and not feel deprived of anything. She is really motivating not just in session but adding a personal a touch through texts. Cant wait to see the end result. Thanks Sarah."

Faye - Nursery Nurse (April 2016)

"Sarah is really supportive; she has motivated and encouraged me to not only increase my exercise but to eat more healthily.  I had my third baby 4 months ago and Sarah understands my situation being a mum herself.  She is helping me to reach my personal goals of increased fitness and weight loss in a positive and friendly manner".

Kirsten - Mum of three (March 2016)

"Would recommend Sarah to anyone, the workouts are always challenging and at the end of the session I feel very proud of myself! Thank you!"

Shannon – Business Manager (March 2016)

"Sarah is professional in everything she does, it is clear from every session that a lot of thought and hard work has gone into exactly what she feels is the right group of exercises for me. What I love the most is the variety of challenges each session so that I never feel bored. I am always surprised by what she has in store for me and this keeps me interested and engaged. After only 6 weeks of 2 hours a week I already feel better and can't see a point at which I won't need her! Amazing value for money!"

Kirsty – Bank Manager & Mum of two (March 2016)

"I really cannot recommend Sarah enough! With her support & guidance my diet now has amazing variety & I'm already achieving some of my goals in just 6 months! Sarah has tailored training to my needs, helping compact anxiety & injury prone areas. I enjoy the mixture of equipment to use & every session is different, providing constant different challenges. Professional, thoughtful & passionate. Thank you so much Sarah!"

Vicky – Graphic Designer, & Mum (January 2016)

"Sarah is thoughtful, challenging, punctual and communicative.  Before getting in touch with Sarah I wasn't confident about fitness.  I contact her because I was worried about the large proportion of my day I spent sitting at a desk and had concerns about my posture, stress levels and general fitness.  I'm so pleased I got in touch with Sarah; I feel exhausted every week (in a good way), I sleep better and I feel shocked at how much I'm stretching my body every week."

Rosie - Events Manager (December 2015)

"I use Sarah's services for fitness and nutrition. 

The results she achieves with fitness are almost instant. She knows exactly how to achieve your goals and starts with some quick wins to motivate and spur you forward. 

For the first-time ever I feel in control of my own nutrition,  rather than restricted by a "diet". Sarah has taught me to make the best choices available, which is liberating.

Sarah understands how to motivate me like no one else."

Claire - Senior HR Officer & Mum of two (October 2015)


"After a difficult pregnancy and C Section, my core strength was shot to pieces!  Sarah recommended some great exercises for me to work on to regain my strength at a reasonable pace.  I still have a way to go but I can already feel an improvement!"

Sam - Recruitment Consultant & Mum of two (October 2015)

"Sarah is a highly professional and experienced trainer, providing a tailor made service to all her clients.

Having been recommended to meet with Sarah by a mutual contact, I was impressed from the start by her professional, enthusiastic and friendly approach. Sarah listened to my requirements and offered her advice and guidance; she soon provided me with an individual training plan to suit my needs and reach my goals!

Within a few weeks I felt physically fitter, I also soon began to see changes in my shape and definition which motivated me even more! If you are looking for someone who will push you to your limits, work closely with you on a one to one basis to achieve the results you want, then Sarah is definitely worth a call... highly recommended!!"

Claire - Company Director & Mum of two (September 2014)

"I found Sarah to be an excellent trainer who makes exercising a pleasure and would happily recommend her.  She prepared a program tailored  to my physical abilities,  and certainly achieved results!  I always look forward to her arrival, she is bright and breezy, very positive and a patient and gifted teacher". 

Annie - Businesswoman (August 2014)

"I can't recommend Sarah enough. She is firm but fair and sessions are always fun! I feel great after working out"!

Zoe - Accountant (July 2014)


"Sarah has great interpersonal skills and is passionate about training and nutrition".

Andrew - Trainer and Strength & Conditioning Coach (July 2014)

"Sarah is such an amazing personal trainer, I can't recommend her enough! She has been amazing training my son Reis.  Reis loves Sarah because she includes training tasks that he enjoys & it's never a chore unlike other trainers he has had in the past. Thank you so much for your professionalism".

Nesh (May 2014)


"I have only been training with Sarah for a few weeks and can already feel the change - it's amazing! I love it!  Sarah is lovely and trains you in a way that works for you.  I would definitely recommend her".

Beth - Make up Artist & Mum (May 2014)

"I've known Sarah for many years, and worked with her for some of those years.  When I saw that she had taken the steps into following her dream, I was so excited for her.  So I thought what better way than to use her skills and expertise on helping me reach my goals before my big day in November. I had an initial consultation with Sarah and proceeded to sign up for the online exercise and nutrition plan.  Both are extremely easy to follow, with everything explained in absolute detail.  I especially enjoy the meal plan as nothing is left out. Bread, chocolate and cheese are my biggest weaknesses and Sarah's managed to incorporate these into my nutrition plan without me having to sneak a piece of cheese or chocolate here and there. Sarah is always on hand for any further support I may need and is always checking in to see how my progress is going.  She's extremely professional and I would highly recommend her services for anyone looking to shape up".

Taryn - Bride to be (March 2014)

"I wanted to take this opportunity to write a recommendation for the PT, Fitness and Nutrition services that Sarah provides. I engaged her to provide me with an exercise and nutrition plan based around my schedule which involves a long commute every day during the week and wanting to spend time with my family at the weekend. The plan that Sarah produced was excellent and exactly what I was looking for.  It wasn't a lazy PT plan - it had great variety in the exercise routines as well as clear explanations as to how to do them and what the benefits would be.  In addition, I asked Sarah to do a nutrition plan as structured meals are something I find hard to work to as I am out and about at meetings a lot. What she came up with was superb and again explained everything clearly and effectively. I would 100% recommend her services and will continue to use them myself. I feel educated as well as instructed and that works perfectly for me".

James - Marketing Director (September 2013)


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