Personal Training Services


Initial consultation (telephone or email)                                                                  FREE


Pay Per Session:


1 hour session (at my home gym)                                                                            £40.00

45 Minute session (at my home gym)                                                                     £35.00

1 hour partner session (2 people)                                                                            £25.00 each

30 Minute video session                                                                                           £25.00




Pre-Paid Block Bookings* (Individual Sessions):


4 x 1 Hour Sessions                                                                                                  £156.00 (Equivalent £39/hour)

8 x 1 Hour Sessions                                                                                                  £304.00 (Equivalent £38/hour)

12 x 1 Hour Sessions                                                                                                 £405.00 (Equivalent £37/hour)

16 x 1 Hour Sessions                                                                                                £540.00 (Equivalent £36/hour)

20 x 1 Hour Sessions                                                                                               £700.00 (Equivalent £35/hour)

*Please note: Block bookings are subject to expiry dates; i.e. 4x sessions to be used within 1 calendar month from purchase.


Pre-paid block bookings (Partner Sessions – 2 people):


x 1 Hour Sessions                                                                                               £190.00 (Saving £10 on individual cost)

8 x 1 Hour Sessions                                                                                                £380.00 (Saving £20 on individual cost)

12 x 1 Hour Sessions                                                                                               £570.00 (Saving £30 on individual cost)

16 x 1 Hour Sessions                                                                                              £760.00 (Saving £40 on individual cost)


Online Personal Training Services

(Please email for further details of what is included within each package)

Bronze Package                                                                                                        £69.00/Month

Silver Package                                                                                                          £99.00/Month

Gold Package                                                                                                           £139.00/Month

**Please note, 24 hours’ notice of cancellation must be given otherwise the full cost of the session will be payable.

Before any financial outlay and undertaking any form of personal training, please think seriously about the commitment required for change to happen, this includes regularly attending sessions, following my professional advice and ensuring diet and nutrition are balanced.**


Nutrition Services


Food Diary Analysis & Recommendations                                                            £40.00

Specialist diet plans (e.g. sports specific such as pre marathon nutrition         £Details upon request

After completion of 5-7 days’ worth of food diary I will analyse thoroughly and email recommendations back to you.

This service also includes a detailed guide of suggested foods for optimum health and nutrition along with information on “The eat well plate”, what to eat and how much to eat, food groups, portion sizes, hints and tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle etc.