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SRS Fitness

Personal Trainer | Online Trainer | Advanced Sports & Exercise Nutrition Advisor

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Choosing The Right PT For You

Click below for my top tips on choosing the right PT for you.



SRS Fitness - Based from my private, fully equipped studio in Welwyn I provide one to one or "partner" training sessions for busy people who are looking for someone who understands the ever-changing demands of work, family commitments and life.  



A little bit about me...

I am a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) and gained my NVQ Level 2 “Fitness Instructor” and NVQ Level 3 “Personal Trainer & Business Planning” qualifications through Lifetime Training – the largest training provider within the health and fitness sector delivering the greatest number of apprenticeships and NVQ programmes as well as being the first in the leisure sector to achieve the Training Quality Standard.


I also hold a Level 5 Diploma in Advanced Sports & Exercise Nutrition which I completed this year.  To further my studies and broaden the services I can offer I have just begun a diploma in cognitive behavioural therapy alongside a second diploma in shiatsu massage.

I set up SRS Fitness in 2013 to enable me to provide a truly "personal" service, not affiliated with any commercial gym, allowing me to run my business in line with my own vision and values. I firmly believe health and fitness should be available to all and I am also a huge advocate of exercise and its benefits when living with depression and anxiety.


I have an established, long term client base and gain more than 50% of my clients through word of mouth and recommendations.  This is because client satisfaction is paramount to me and, I believe, critical to the long term success of my business.  I strive to provide an outstanding service and have measures in place to ensure I can regularly gather feedback regarding the quality of service I provide.


I have significant and current experience of working with children and young people as well as those with sports specific goals, older clients and of course, both male and female clients from a variety of backgrounds.

I employ a number of strategies in order to improve your fitness, overhaul your diet (as necessary) and help you achieve the physique you are striving for whilst also taking into account your whole wellbeing.


My approach is firm but encouraging. I will be available to support you all the way - not just during our sessions.  In return I expect absolute commitment from each client. 


At SRS Fitness my sole aim is to ensure better health and wellbeing is achievable by every single person who I work with.  I firmly believe a good personal trainer should TEACH.  The goal being to get each client from point A to point B safely, all whilst teaching them methods to use in the future.


I’m not into the latest fads or quick fixes, but tried and tested methods based on scientific research from reputable sources within the health and fitness industry.   I understand life is busy and your time is precious and I offer a range of services with this in mind;


  • One-to-one training 

  • Partner training

  • Video Sessions

  • Online Training Packages

  • Fully equipped home gym including spin bike, treadmill, rowing machine and full selection of weights

  • Indoor/outdoor (weather permitting) training

  • Food diary analysis & recommendations


Sessions are designed to be progressive and challenging and will guide you through all facets of fitness development, making sure that you are not just leaner, but also stronger, more flexible, more stable and agile.  I guarantee your commitment, alongside mine will deliver results … fast.


 My mission and promise to you;


To Inspire; to pass on my passion for health and fitness

To Motivate; to drive you to be the best you can be

To Educate; to provide you with the necessary tools and information for you to achieve your goals



What’s your goal?


Boost confidence  Keep up with the kids

Run a 5k  Get ripped   Beat the blues

Big day Increase strength Rehabilitation

Injury prevention



Thanks for contacting SRS Fitness!

SRS Fitness

Welwyn, Hertfordshire

Tel: 07759 436 533



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